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‍    Crysta Casey’s poems, like her paintings, suggest on first encounter the appealing qualities of naive art, but that’s a gloss. Behind the good humor and bright, off-kilter details—elevator buttons, coffee spoons, the sailboat on the wall “forever sailing”—we soon sense anguish and bravery and masterful truth-telling. Any reader will recognize these reports from Marine Boot Camp, Camp Pendleton, the Psych Ward and the streets as authentic and heroically humane. I can attest that they are also unforgettable.

‍    Kathleen Flenniken, former Washington State Poet Laureate


‍    A lived intensity focuses and collects at the center of Crysta Casey's Green Cammie, and the reader is immediately in a world of believable curses and small praises delivered through acute observation. The terse language seems so right for the vagaries of war. Each poem, through its fidelity to simplicity and orality, tends to illuminate a far-reaching field. 

‍    —Yusef Komunyakaa


‍    Crysta Casey, a former Marine Corps journalist, declared herself a Resident Poet and moved to Seattle in 1980. This is her first book. 

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‍Created from manuscripts left after her death, this eBook is a collection of some of Crysta Casey's work, a number of poems having been published elsewhere, with others appearing here for the first time. Included are audio recordings of readings given by Crysta, as well as by a number of well regarded Washington State poets.


    “I first met Crysta Casey in a poetry class with Deborah Woodard at Hugo House, and something struck me about her immediately—she was a swayer, and by that, I mean she was one of those people that swayed—almost uncontrollably—and it seemed it wasn’t because of nerves or anxiety or excitement. Swaying was Crysta’s natural state. Since she passed and her collection, Green Cammie, was posthumously published by the great Floating Bridge Press, I’ve learned so much about Crysta that I had been afraid to ask—about her military career, how she became a self-declared “Resident Poet” and her struggles with cancer. I’m still not quite sure about the swaying, but even poets must keep some things private.”

    Brian McGuigan
Poet, writer. Program Director at Richard Hugo House Seattle, Washington (Greater Seattle Area). 

    “What I was—and remain—is a fan of her incredibly good writing. I first became aware of Casey at a reading. She was sharing the evening with two other folks, but I don’t remember who they were because, for me, the event was entirely hers. “My god, are those poems really that good?” I remember thinking, and saying to the curator[…]”

Excerpt From: Crysta Casey. “Yesterday My Name Was Wine Bottle.” The Estate of Crysta E. Casey, 2013. Apple Books.


‍  Crysta Casey, Resident Poet.

‍A life celebration and selection of her poetry. This eBook is a brief introduction to the late poet, Crysta Casey. A few poems, a sampling of her visual artwork, how she decided to become a poet, her struggle with schizophrenia and her battle with cancer.

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