Rules for Walking Out

(Cave Moon Press)

Organized and emceed by Deborah Woodard

Music by Monica Schley

This event was held on July 28, 2017

Special thanks to Theo Dzielak at

Couth Buzzard Books, as well as

The Red Badge Project

Monica Schley 

Musical intro

Deborah Woodard 

Monica Schley 

Event Intro

On meeting Crysta Casey

the Readers

A Curse

Jamaica Baldwin

The V.A.

Kym Littlefield

Paint by Numbers

Donna Baker

Two Mirrors at the Bus Stop Near the Hurricane Cafe

John Burgess

The Boat

Janice Robinette

Corrina Wycoff

Captain Bowman’s Plastic Spoons

Running at Camp Pendleton 

Krista Tucker

San Luis Ray Officers Club

Kale Kim

Trisha Ready


Green Cammie

Gwen Maltham

The V.A.

Shelley Minden

Paint by Numbers

Nadine Maestas


Esther Helfgott

The V.A.

Angel Williams

His Self Portrait

Wendy Laurel

Closing poem Snow

Kym Littlefield

Deborah Woodard Close

Monica Schley Musical Close

All images from the event copyright © Kayt Hoch ..used with permission. All others © their respective owners.  Audio by Haley Freedlund